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  • Life Cover

    Life Cover is one of the oldest insurance products in the market and led to the formation of many of the large insurance institutions we are familiar with today.

    As life expectancy has continued to improve beyond all recognition in last 150 years, so life cover has become cheaper and cheaper.

    Today, a 30-year-old non-smoking and healthy couple looking to protect a young family would pay around £15 per month premium for £100,000 of cover over 35 years. This represents great value for money for the consumer and many people would say it’s a “no-brainer” in terms of protecting your family.

    The cheapness of Life Cover means that many companies will happily offer life cover as one of their employee benefits, so it’s always worth checking what cover you currently enjoy with your employer before deciding to shop around for life cover quotes.

  • Critical Illness Cover

    Critical Illness Cover can be used to provide protection in different ways namely: Critical Illness Cover to protect your mortgage and Critical Illness Cover to protect your family or your partner.

    Critical illness cover is designed to protect your family and/or home against financial hardship as a result of being diagnosed with any critical illness that is specified in the insurance policy. The cover will provide the means to pay off the mortgage or provide income for your family/partner to maintain their standard of living.

    Our Critical Illness Cover quote service is a quick and easy process. It’s completely free and you are under no obligation to purchase. Compare prices from the UK’s leading insurers today, take a look at our price promise or request some free advice. Read more about critical illness cover

    With life expectancy at record levels, protecting you and family from the financial consequences of a critical illness are in many ways as important as protecting them in the event of your premature death. Combining Critical Illness Cover with Life Insurance is sometimes abbreviated to Critical Life Cover.

    Critical Illness Cover is not as widely adopted by companies as an employee benefit compared to life cover, so it is important that you source critical illness quotes yourself. Fortunately, this is a competitive market, and there are lots of companies available offering to compare critical illness quotes from the leading insurers.

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  • Keyman Insurance

    Rightly or wrongly we take many things for granted in life, but it is always worth taking same time to think through what might happen if someone was no longer around.

    In the context of a business scenario, Keyman Insurance is one of those insurances that is often overlooked but can be vital for many small businesses where the success or failure of a business is often down to one or two individuals.

    Key man Insurance is essentially life insurance for businesses. If the key individual dies while still an employee or director, then the insurer will pay out the sum insured and this injection of cash can be used to restructure the business or employ someone new to fulfil the role of the person who has died.

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